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The Mission Cross

The Mission Cross at St Patrick’s Church, Aghyaran, was first erected after the big Mission in 1925. The Mission lasted a fortnight and closed on 25th July. The Mission was given by the Passionists. The Cross was of pine and decorated with the symbols of Christ’s Passion, the Crown of Thorns, the Nails, the Lance with which His side was pierced, and the Reed on which the sponge dipped in vinegar was offered to Him. It stood until it was brought down by Hurricane Debbie in 1961. It had rotted at the base.

A new Cross was put up in 1985. The timber is heart of Irish Oak, donated by Diamond’s Sawmills, Limavady. John McNabb brought the 16ft. 8 x 8 inch length of timber from Limavady. Paddy Logue made the Cross, twelve foot upright four foot cross-beam with mortice joint glued and bolted, edge champhered, the whole sanded down and treated with Sadolin.

The base of Scraghey sandstone was rebuilt and the Cross put up by John McMenamin, Jimmy Logue, Danny Logue and Hughie McHugh. Paddy Connolly and Charlie O’Donnell who were working on the ACE Scheme in the graveyardat the time also lent a hand.

The Cross on which Christ died is the symbol of our Salvation. “Through the Son God decided to bring the whole universe back to himself. God made peace through his Son’s death on the Cross and so brought back to himself all things, both on earth an din heaven.” (Colossians 1,20)

The Mission Cross is in tradition of the Termon Cross which in former times was erected to mark a Termon Parish.

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