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Fr McLaughlin's Well

The holy well now called after him is situated at Meenard in the townland of Slievedoo that is now part of the Killeter Forest. Many years ago seven families lived there, and one of the was William Breen. Lord Caledon who owned the land, employed William as a gamekeeper. Lord Caledon built two houses there, one the Lough House and the other the Glen House. He used these houses as summer residences for the Caledon Family.

William Breen had the Stations, that is when the priests of the parish come to the home to celebrate Mass for the people of certain townlands. When Mass was over in the Breen home and the neighbours had got tea, Fr McLaughlin and William walked a short way outside and came to the Well. Fr McLaughlin asked William about it and he was told that it was a spring well. It was rising from limestone rock and never went dry so the people of the townland had a constant supply of water for their houses.

We don’t know why, but, Fr McLaughlin blessed the well “for all people” asking them to say one Our Father and five Hail Marys when making a request at the well. Druing the years since very many people come and make a station at this well for bodily ailments and especially toothache, though it is unlikely Fr McLaughlin intended it to be used for this purpose. The pilgrims usually leave some money, medals or something of this nature when doing the station and drink some water from the well.


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